The Doan Family Circus

The Life and Times Of Lucas Doan and his family.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Lucas LOVES eating and I mean LOVES it!! He is really starting to eat more and more things and can feed himself now too! While this drives daddy crazy because he hates getting his hands dirty and it makes him nuts...Lucas thinks it is the best thing ever. Here is what we looked like after eating some pasta. How cute!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

1st Trip to the Zoo

It was a beautiful day and Lucas 7 month birthday so we decided to head out for a day at the zoo. It was such a nice day with a cool breeze and the zoo was pretty empty so it couldn't have been better! Lucas was all ready to go in his safari shirt and his hat to go along.

We saw the polar bears first and then headed to the barnyard where we saw the cows, donkey, and pet goats. He also got to sit in a bird's nest which he thought was pretty cool.

Then it was feeding time for our little monkey. We headed to the Safari area after lunch and he got to feed a giraffe.

We were way more excited than him, but he liked it and then we headed to the elephants, monkeys, penguins, etc.

Then he saw that you could get a Camel ride and he begged his daddy to take him. So there Jeremy and the baby went to saddle up on the Camel.

After that it was time to head on home with everyone feeling a bit tired. Funny enough it appeared that his favorite parts of all of this were riding the tram, eating, and squealing in the bathroom because it echoed. It was a really nice family day and we look forward to being able to do more and more things like this with him.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Park

We had our first park outing recently and Lucas loves the swings. This doesn't come as a surprise as he likes pretty much anything that throws him, swings him, rocks him, bounces him, etc. He definitely has little fear and loves to be wild! His dad and him were making me nervous because of course the higher he went the more he squealed with excitement! So now a stop by the park is a new addition to our nightly walk.

Friday, July 16, 2010

These dogs are hilarious!!!

We are watching Jeremy's parents dog Makayla while they are in Florida and apparently the 2 dogs wrestling is the best entertainment for Lucas. He was laughing hysterically and squealing over them. I caught the end so he was actually loosing steam a bit by that point. It was so cute.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Lucas went on another long car trip to PA. He did awesome!!!! Not only was he a great little traveler but he did great with all the people and different places we dragged him all over too also. It was an awesome 3 days filled with family, fun, swimming, fireworks and a lot of food he isn't allowed to have but did.

I swear he did not cry one time the entire trip it was amazing. He got to go to my cousin Ashley's graduation party on my Dad's side and then to my cousin's 8th birthday party on my Mom's side.

The party was hippie themed and everyone wore tye-dye's including the baby. So cute!

During this exciting weekend he also decided that it was time for him to sit up all by himself. He did this before here and there but never for as long. He is a pro now. He especially thought he was King of Cool when he sat in a high chair for the first time. He loved being the King at Burger King as you can see!

5 months Old

It has been awhile since I have posted due to being crazy and busy so here is what Lucas has been doing since turning 5 months old. He is now rolling over like a pro and lifts himself up on his elbows really well. He loves his play mat and going all over the place. He is sleeping thru the night without getting up for any more night or early morning bottles...Yeah!!!!! He continues to be a joy and hardly ever cries. He is extremely laid back and just goes with the flow of things.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Lucas takes swimming lessons every Saturday at 9:30am. He loves his baths so I thought hey lets check out some "mommy and me" swimming classes. It is a six week session and he loves it! He was a little unsure at first due to it being much different than a small bath tub, but he got used to it quickly and really enjoys it. He even goes under water! He is learning how to float, go underwater, kick his feet, and just get comfortable being in the water. Most of all it is a nice 1/2 hour of bonding time for us which I really enjoy.